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Company introduction:Hebei Deye Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of insulated rubber mat, insulated rubber plate, power room rat guard, marker post, marker brick, safety sign board, traffic sign board, power safety tool cabinet, insulated ladder stool, insulated platform, insulated operating rod, pull rod, safety fence series, deicing tools, high and low voltage electroscope, grounding wire, grounding rod, insulated gloves, insulated shoes, power line protection tube We are a professional manufacturer of power safety tools, integrating design, production, sales, and service, including bird repellents, bird stingers, safety warning belts, safety helmets, safety belts, distribution boxes, power construction tools, power fittings, flood control sandbags, and water absorbing expansion bags. Hebei Deye Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. has gained recognition from the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and negotiate business.

Product classification:1.Insulation pad/RUBBER PLATE 2.Safety tool cabinet, intelligent safety tool cabinet 3.Aluminum alloy mouse board, stainless steel mouse board 4.Insulated ladder, insulated herringbone ladder, telescopic ladder, fishing rod ladder, aluminum alloy ladder 5Insulated stool 6.ground wire 7security fence 8.electroscope 9.safety hatABS  glass fiber reinforced plastics 10.Sign Board 11.insulation boots 12.insulating gloves 13.safety belt 14.Pull lever 15.bird scarer 16.Safety warning tape 17.Sign pile (fiberglass plastic steel ABS Cement)

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