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The intelligent safety tool cabinet is no longer a simple warehousing tool storage function, but has undergone a new upgrade on the functions of Kerui Electric products
1. The surface of the tool cabinet adopts electrostatic anti-corrosion spray molding technology, and the cabinet door is equipped with transparent organic tempered organic glass, which has wind pressure resistance and impact resistance
High strength and clear visibility of insulated tools placed inside
2. Adopting cold-rolled steel plate, rolled and formed, with good sealing performance
3. Cabinet doors are securely locked and secure against theft. The cabinet lock of the tool cabinet can be customized as a password lock, or it can also be equipped with a 7-way prohibition system
4. Flexible movement and easy placement, the cabinet space can be equipped with an infrared dehumidifier. The cabinet structure can be occupied according to different specifications and quantities according to customer needs
Space, classification and grouping design, tailored for tools and instruments, organized and neatly stored.
5. Automatically maintain temperature and humidity, temperature 20-30 degrees, humidity 40-60, self running
6. Display a list of products in the tool cabinet, with specialized products and locations. According to the designed layout, scroll the product name on the screen
7. Display the next product inspection time: Safety tool expiration detection


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