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FRP ladder:

FRP ladder is a ladder processed by pultrusion FRP profile with glass fiber and epoxy resin as the main materials. It has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and good electrical performance. Generally, it can withstand the power frequency test voltage of "250kV / M". Therefore, FRP ladder can be used as a safe climbing tool for power system. To replace metal ladder and bamboo ladder. Prevent electric shock accidents caused by induced electricity and misoperation. After strict test and inspection, the FRP ladder can also be used as a ladder for high-voltage live line operation.
Main technical parameters of electrical insulation ladder
1. Density of insulating material ≥ 1.95g/cm3
2. Water absorption of insulating material < 0.40%
3. Material tensile strength > 350Mpa
4. Material surface hardness 50 (Babbitt)
5. Surface withstand voltage of insulating material > 12kV (r.m.s)
6. Design load > 880 (n)


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