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How to test insulation rubber pads?

Begintime:2021-11-29 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

Insulation rubber pads, also known as insulation blankets, insulation pads, insulation rubber sheets, insulation rubber sheets, insulation rubber pads, insulation floor adhesives, insulation rubber sheets, insulation gaskets, etc., are rubber pads with high volume resistivity and resistance to electrical breakdown.
Insulating rubber pads are used as insulation materials for worktops or floor coverings in power distribution and other workplaces. Insulation rubber pads are mainly used in distribution rooms and substations, for laying distribution facilities on the ground, providing an insulation effect. During the rainy season, with high humidity, insulation protection work becomes even more important. Due to the heavy rainfall during the rainy season, many distribution rooms and rooms have started using higher-level standard insulation rubber pads for safety, resulting in a significant increase in demand for products. Engraved rubber pad is an insulated platform type insulation pad used for temporary movement, usually engraved with the words' work here '. Insulating rubber pads are suitable for temporary maintenance or assessment needs. Engraving rubber pads can generally be divided into specifications such as 10kV dedicated, 35kV dedicated, 110kV dedicated, and 220kV dedicated.
The wiring for the insulation rubber pad test is shown in the following figure. During the test, wet cloth or metal foil should be laid on the top and bottom of the insulation rubber pad, and it should be 200mm smaller than the surrounding area of the tested insulation rubber pad. The voltage should be continuously and evenly increased to the voltage value specified in Table 8, maintained for 1 minute, and observed for any breakdown. If there is no breakdown, the test is passed. When conducting segmented tests on the sample, the edges of the two test sections should overlap.
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