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How to identify insulation rubber pads

Begintime:2023-02-23 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

As is well known, the main raw material of insulation rubber pads is rubber, and the insulation performance of insulation rubber pads is also directly affected by the quality of rubber raw materials. The better the quality of rubber, the stronger the insulation performance of the rubber pad. At present, the main types of insulation rubber pads on the market include native rubber, nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, etc. Among them, native rubber ranks first in terms of elasticity, luster, and service life, while other rubbers have issues such as odor and tearing. However, raw rubber is expensive, and many small businesses on the market use recycled rubber as raw material to make rubber pads in order to maximize profits. Although this type of rubber pad is cheap, it has a strong pungent odor when opened, which is a direct manifestation of the large amount of recycled rubber and other harmful impurities inside. The problem is only superficial, and more seriously, these are highly likely to cause significant harm to the human body.
The insulation rubber pads of Deye Electric are made of natural rubber raw materials directly imported from Southeast Asia, with a native rubber content of over 70%. They have strong flexibility and full elasticity, and will not tear or damage due to pulling during use. They have a longer service life and no pungent odor, ensuring the safety of human life.
A good insulating rubber pad must be elastic. If the sample you receive still has full elasticity and no bending marks after being forcefully bent, congratulations, you can close your eyes and enter.
Quality creates a brand. Branded manufacturers like Deye Electric produce insulation pads with very high flexibility. Even when a large car is rolled over them, there will be no signs of breakage, and the surface can still remain as new after wiping. This type of insulation pad can be said to be a good product.
Why do many units prefer to purchase insulation pads from large-scale manufacturers when choosing? Because these manufacturers' products not only have corresponding quality certificates, but also cooperate with third-party authoritative testing institutions to send products for inspection and test their performance through more rigorous methods, thereby ensuring the stability of product quality and performance.
As a brand supplier that has existed for more than 20 years, Deye Electric undergoes a series of rigorous quality tests before leaving the factory for sale. Only when it meets national standards will it be sent to third-party authoritative institutions for testing. The testing items not only include the pressure level, but also whether it contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines. Therefore, when choosing insulation rubber pads, we must ask the merchant to provide various component testing reports to ensure that the adhesive does not contain any harmful substances, and is a high-quality product that integrates environmental protection and quality!
The above are the tips and methods for purchasing insulation rubber pads compiled by the editor of Deye. If you are also looking for high-quality and safe insulation rubber pads, why not come and take a look at Deye!
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