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Functions of safety tool testing system

Begintime:2023-02-02 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

The safety tool testing bench is widely applicable to power supply, power generation and other power enterprises. Conduct intelligent insulation performance prevention tests on insulated boots and gloves according to the requirements of the regulations. This system has the following functions:
1. The rated voltage, leakage current, and test time of the tested component can be manually set; Automatically increase and decrease the test voltage without manual adjustment; The testing process is controlled by a microcomputer and automatically completes the testing process; Automatically print and test reports; Adopting remote wired automation operation, high and low voltage separation.
2. Using a stainless steel specialized container, it can simultaneously test 1-6 specimens; During the experiment, the Chinese character menu was displayed and the human-machine dialogue operation was carried out, making the operation process simple and convenient; Adopting high-quality computer intelligent UPS, with short charging time and long usage time. The cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel plate (with the cabinet frame ≥ 1.2mm), stamped and processed using CNC equipment, and bent multiple times. The structure is sturdy and reliable, with a surface sprayed with plastic, beautiful and generous appearance, and good overall sealing performance.
3. Spacious, structurally reasonable, three-dimensional storage, high space utilization, equipped with various specialized tool storage devices and a multi-layer drawer structure, which can be pulled out of the cabinet to access tools, and the internal space is flexible and adjustable.
Safety tools are indispensable safety protection equipment in power production. The so-called "prevention" refers to prevention and protection, while "protection" refers to protection and maintenance. So safety tools and instruments not only serve as early warning, prevention, and protection for operators, but also serve as good monitoring. However, the realization of these functions and effectiveness must be based on correct use as a prerequisite and foundation.
If operated or used in violation of regulations, it will not only threaten personal safety and cause damage to safety tools, but also lead to equipment and power grid accidents. Therefore, in daily production work, it is necessary to strictly follow the regulations, operating procedures, and usage methods to use safety tools correctly to ensure safe production.
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