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Mistakes in purchasing mouse blocking boards

Begintime:2023-03-25 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

Mice are good at gnawing on various hard objects, and the mouse board is used to prevent them from entering the room, which naturally requires the rodent's gnawing. Therefore, many procurement personnel believe that the mouse baffle will be bitten by mice in a few days and replaced frequently. Considering the cost, they do not think it is necessary to buy expensive ones. Therefore, they chose to purchase a low-priced mouse board. But in reality, this idea is completely wrong.
At present, the main popular materials for rat boards on the market are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PVC, and epoxy resin, and Anke Electric mainly sells these types of materials. Taking the aluminum alloy mouse board as an example, Anke Electric uses special aluminum alloy plates when producing aluminum alloy mouse boards. This material itself has a hard texture and strong impact resistance. The surface of the material is subjected to professional hot and cold processes for anti-corrosion treatment, which can not only withstand the burning of strong fire, but also avoid the corrosion of the panel by humid air, further extending the service life of the mouse guard. Compared to ordinary aluminum alloy materials, it is more durable and sturdy.
Due to the fact that the production of mouse blocking boards does not require much technical expertise, even small shops on the street can manually make them. Therefore, there are many manufacturers of mouse blocking boards on the market, but can these mouse blocking boards actually block mice? Is there a guarantee for the stability of the lifespan of the mouse guard board? Often unknown.
Unlike the rough workmanship of small businesses and workshops, Deye Electric's mouse guard board has excellent manufacturing technology. It not only uses high-quality aluminum alloy in materials, but also uses the best inconspicuous small accessories such as rivets, slots, and expansion screws. Deye dares to promise you that if it is not artificially damaged, the service life can reach up to ten years, which is a huge advantage for large enterprises compared to small workshops.
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