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Price Factors of Insulating Rubber Mats

Begintime:2023-02-23 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

As is well known, insulation rubber pads are essential safety tools for distribution rooms or substations, and therefore are regarded as the last line of defense for life safety by power users. Although there is no significant difference in specifications and appearance between the insulation rubber pads sold on the market, there are significant differences in price. Many customers have reported to their partners in Deye, "Why can some companies offer half the price of the same insulation rubber pad compared to your company? This price difference is also too much!" I believe this is a question that many power users who have purchased insulation rubber pads will have.
What is the reason for the significant price difference of insulation rubber pads? Deye Electric, with over 20 years of production and research and development experience, is particularly familiar with the details of the production and raw material procurement of insulation rubber pads. Today, let's follow Xiaode's footsteps and uncover the real reasons for the uneven prices of insulation rubber pads together!
Although the insulation rubber pads on the market are all made of rubber, there are also advantages and disadvantages to rubber. Due to cost considerations, different manufacturers choose different raw materials.
Among them, the most expensive ones should be raw rubber, with a price of tens of thousands of yuan per ton, while synthetic rubber costs several thousand yuan per ton. The cheapest ones are waste rubber and secondary rubber. It is precisely because of the significant price difference in the raw materials themselves that there is such a significant difference in the price of insulation pads.
Many small manufacturers on the market, in order to save costs, mostly use inferior materials such as waste rubber and secondary rubber to make insulation rubber pads. Although the price of this kind of rubber pad is low, it has a strong odor, and it will also release toxic and harmful carcinogen such as formaldehyde, aromatic amine, phthalates, etc. Long term use of this poor insulating rubber pad with pungent smell will bring unexpected harm to the body.
Deye Electric attaches great importance to product quality, always putting the life and health of users first. It spares no effort in material selection, eliminating the use of recycled rubber, waste rubber, and other materials. It only uses natural rubber directly sourced from Southeast Asia, with a native rubber content of over 70%. Unlike inferior rubber, the insulation pads produced from natural rubber are free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde and have no irritating odor. They not only have full toughness, but also excellent insulation performance. Even in high-voltage shock tests, they can easily pass the test without being broken down.
Insulating rubber pads are related to the safety of live working personnel, so it is necessary for the manufacturer to provide a quality inspection report tested by a professional testing agency before purchasing insulation rubber pads.
There are many third-party testing institutions on the market that can inspect insulation rubber pads, and their professionalism and authority cannot be compared. The price difference between reports issued by legitimate third-party professional institutions and those issued by smaller institutions is tens of times higher.
Most low-quality rubber pads use quality inspection reports issued by relatively small third-party organizations. Some lower end low-quality products not only do not have any quality inspection reports, but even the manufacturers themselves cannot provide relevant production qualification certificates.
The insulation rubber pads of Deye Electric must undergo a series of rigorous tests before leaving the factory. If one item does not meet the standard, the entire product will be directly scrapped. Only after meeting national standards will it be sent to a third-party formal institution for testing. The testing items not only include the pressure level, but also whether it contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Only products that pass various tests will enter the market and be sold externally.
Insulating rubber pads are important tools for protecting the safety of live working personnel. When purchasing, procurement personnel should not only consider the price, but also measure product quality, service life, and other factors. If you are still hesitant about choosing what type of insulation pad to use, you may try Deye Electric's products. Here, you can enjoy a cost-effective one-stop procurement service.
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