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Where should the rat guard be placed?

Begintime:2023-03-25 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

In the flight inspection issues since 2018, issues related to the improper position of the mouse deflector include:
No rat blocking found in raw material warehouse and production workshop
No rat blocking board in the wine storage workshop and packaging material warehouse
The warehouse for storing milk powder is not equipped with a rodent barrier
There is no rat guard in the empty bottled water storage room on the third floor
The back door of the operation room does not have a mouse blocking board
Empty barrel pretreatment room, outer packaging room, and finished product warehouse are not equipped with mouse blocking boards
No rat blocking boards are installed at the entrance of each warehouse
So, is it necessary to set up mouse blocking boards everywhere?
Generally speaking, storage facilities or sensitive facilities that need to be kept open to the outside need to be equipped with rodent barriers. For normally closed facilities, if the door gaps and materials meet the requirements, rodent barriers do not need to be installed.
What should be paid attention to when using the mouse board?
Attention should be paid to timely placement of the rodent board, and attention should be paid to whether the rodent board is damaged.
The failure to install the rat blocking board in a timely manner is a common problem for food companies when using the mouse blocking board, which is often raised during flight inspections:
The door of the finished product warehouse on the first floor that connects to the outside is not installed with a mouse guard when not in use
The rat blocking board at the entrance of the extraction workshop was not placed in a timely manner.
The gap under the external door of the finished product temporary storage warehouse is large, and the rat blocking board has not been placed.
The screen door and mouse guard at the east gate of workshop 1 were not placed in a timely manner.
Damaged mouse guard at the entrance of the workshop
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