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How to use a mouse board?

Begintime:2021-11-29 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

Hazards of mice:
1. Mice are one of the animals closely related to humans, and they rely on humans for their livelihoods, constantly endangering them everywhere. It has a wide variety, a large quantity, and strong adaptability. Mice are rodents, carrying over 200 pathogens among nearly 1800 species of rodents worldwide. 80-90% of rodents play a primary and secondary role in the transmission of diseases.
2. Mice often crawl on substations, power telecommunications rooms, and distribution transformers, causing inter phase short circuits between transformer porcelain terminals. This not only burns out equipment, but also often causes substation trips, exacerbating power outages, and posing a great threat to the safe operation of the power system. The harm of rodents to the industrial and transportation industry is mainly the destruction of power supply and communication, resulting in accidents. There have been factory power outages in China, resulting in losses of up to 15 million yuan in one incident. The total number of various mice in the world is about four times the population. So it is necessary to set up mouse blocking boards in power equipment accessories such as substations, power telecommunications rooms, and distribution transformers.
3. According to statistics, the damage caused by rodents to agriculture worldwide is equivalent to the sum of the gross domestic product of 25 poverty-stricken countries, and can feed two to three billion people.
The rat blocking board is mainly a protective measure installed to prevent rodents from invading sensitive areas such as factories, production workshops, office areas, canteens, etc. from the passage.
Introduction to the mouse blocking board:
The height of the card slot is the same as that of the guard board, which is generally 50cm. The thickness of the middle guard board is about 25mm. The length of the Rat guard depends on the specific width of the door used. The card slot is about 40mm thick and 30mm wide.
Material of rat blocking board:
The material of the mouse guard board is made of new aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material, etc., which is practical, sturdy, durable, and has a long service life. It is made up of the main board surface and card slot of the mouse guard board, and there is a yellow and black reflective warning sticker on the top.
The mouse blocking board has the following characteristics:
1. The mouse guard board is installed on the door frame, which is convenient and fast for construction, easy to disassemble, and convenient for handling equipment such as power plants and computer rooms;
2. The mouse guard is made of special aluminum alloy material, and the surface of the mouse guard is treated with anti-corrosion treatment;
3. The height of the mouse board is usually 50 centimeters, and the standard thickness is 25mm (depending on the length). The width can be made according to customer requirements;
4. The upper part of the mouse guard board is pasted with reflective strips, which are easy to identify at night and prevent tripping;
5. Rat blocking boards can be widely used in power plants, substations, grain depots, gas stations, chemical plants, storage warehouses, and other units, providing excellent protection against rodent damage.
Installation method of Rat guard:
The installation method of the Rat guard is very simple. First, insert the expansion nails into the installation holes on the card slots, and then fix the expansion nails parallel to the walls on both sides of the door frame along the card slots. The card slots are installed successfully. When in use, the Rat guard can slide into the card slot along the inner diameter of the card slot to prevent rats from invading the room. Take out the Rat guard when not in use. The card slot fixed on the wall does not affect the normal opening and closing of the door.
Confirmation method of Rat guard length data:
The length of the Rat guard is determined by the width of the door used by the customer. When ordering, the customer needs to measure the width of the walls on both sides of the door. The data needs to be accurate, with an error of ± 2mm,
Surface treatment of Rat guard:
The surface of Rat guard is hard and beautiful after anti-corrosion treatment. A yellow and black reflective strip is pasted 50mm above the fender, which can reflect light under the illumination of lights or other light sources, serving as a warning to personnel and facilitating their entry and exit.
matters needing attention:
The height of Rat guard is generally 50cm, and the length is customized according to the width of the field.
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