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Different differentiation of rubber plates

Begintime:2021-11-29 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

1. According to whether the medium is sandwiched, it can be divided into pure rubber plywood, cloth sandwich, metal skeleton layer plywood, and other varieties;
2. According to their usage, they can be divided into industrial plywood and rubber flooring.
3. According to physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into: cloth clip rubber plate, cloth sticking rubber plate, insulating rubber plate, oil resistant rubber plate, acid and alkali resistant rubber plate, striped anti-skid rubber plate, square anti-skid rubber plate, round buckle anti-skid rubber plate, asbestos rubber plate, oil resistant asbestos rubber plate
4. According to color and surface treatment, it can be divided into: black rubber plate, green rubber plate (commonly known as green screen rubber plate), red rubber plate (commonly known as red screen rubber plate), white rubber plate, yellow rubber plate, blue rubber plate, gray rubber plate, cloth rubber plate, ultra wide rubber plate
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