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The Safety Importance of Insulated Ladders

Begintime:2021-11-29 Hebei Deye Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

How to choose a good ladder:
1. A legitimate company should verify its business license, and individual manufacturers should choose carefully.
2. Try to choose a company that has been established for a longer time.
3. Choose from details such as the material and craftsmanship, self weight, and load capacity of the ladder.
4. If purchasing in large quantities and for a long time, it is best to conduct on-site inspections.
Aluminum alloy ladders involve safety. After climbing two or three meters, safety is the most important, not price. Now we talk about "safety production, people-oriented". When a person falls from a height of two or three meters or more, the minor may be disabled, the severe may die, the minor may be tens of thousands, and the major may be tens of millions. The company will also be punished.
In over a decade of ladder sales, I have encountered multiple cases of ladder falling onto people:
1. A well-known large state-owned enterprise in China used an ordinary aluminum alloy ladder in 2002. One day, a foreign expert climbed the ladder, but the ladder broke. Fortunately, the ladder was not high and slightly injured. The safety department and relevant leaders of the factory immediately searched online for a manufacturer that produced the ladder, conducted on-site inspections, compared the products, and recorded the ladder production standards, and ultimately chose us.
2. A well-known large state-owned enterprise in China suffered a ladder fracture and fell seriously injured in June 2013. The safety department, procurement department, and relevant leaders of the factory urgently searched for a legitimate manufacturer and a good ladder, found us, provided product brochures, quotations, on-site inspections, product comparisons, and prepared to replace some of the ladders currently used in the factory. In the internal process stage, in August, the first person to fall was still in the hospital, and another accident occurred. Urgently purchase a ladder and request a gradual replacement of the completed factory ladder. Buy nearly 1 million ladders before and after.
3. In the past few years, there was an accident in Shanghai where a foreign-funded enterprise caused a foreigner to break and fall off a ladder while using it. However, the individual manufacturer ran away and the foreigner claimed 2 million yuan from the ladder seller. However, the result was unknown. The adverse impact caused by this incident has also made many hardware companies in Shanghai cautious when choosing ladder suppliers.
4. In September 2015, there was also an accident where a state-owned enterprise used a telescopic ladder, which broke and injured people. Ten telescopic ladders were urgently replaced and will be gradually replaced in the future.
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